“Lonely Boy”

    As we previously reported, the Black Keys are prepping their latest Danger Mouse-produced album, El Camino, for release on Dec. 6. And as promised, the record’s lead single, “Lonely Boy,” has arrived today (Oct. 26). Just as quickly as it hit iTunes, it’s appeared on the web for streaming thanks to the Keys themselves. And it’s not just a stream, either. They’ve put together a hilarious video to go with the track to boot.

    The track features the Keys continuing to seek out the middle ground between snarling blues rock and super-catchy melodic guitar rock. It’s something they have nearly perfected over the years and it makes for one hell of a single. If you thought the Keys were getting love on the radio/more mainstream outlets before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Stream the track below. It will be available during Record Store Day’s Black Friday sale. [DIY]