“Livin’ Is Easy” (Video)

    One of Sweden’s most influential electro-pop bands, The Embassy, has finally come out of their hiatus after almost eight years. A month ago, the Gothenburg duo released the first single, “Related Artists”, from their upcoming third LP, Sweet Sensation, due out on February 26 via International. Today, we get another flavor of the album with a music video for “Livin’ Is Easy”. While “Related Artist” draws similarities to Electronic (Bernard Sumner  and Johnny Marr), the latest track embodies The Embassy their fans best remember them by – the Balearic beat-decked dance suaveness. Even the band known to be “indie as fuck”, The Radio Dept., couldn’t hide their admiration for Fredrik Lindson and Torbjörn Håkansson’s panache on their last album, Clinging To A Scheme.

    If you’re not prone to seizures, watch this borderline kitschy music video for “Livin’ Is Easy” – a kaleidoscopic parade of flowers to perturb your nerves. If you are, there is a Soundcloud option for that below: