“Live At The Barbeque” F. Joe Fatal, Large Pro & Akinyele (Live At Rock The Bells) (Video)

    Just a note hip-hop nerds: I realize that “Live at the Barbeque” is actually a Main Source song. But for the sake of this post and the fact Nas was leading the performance, I had to label it as such. Also, don’t try and act like his verse, which was his first ever, isn’t the highlight of “Live at the Barbeque.” Yeah, Large Professor, Joe Fatal, and Akinyele all sound great on the beat, too, but Nas truly stole the show (and then some) at the tender age of 18 (19?).

    Lines like “When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin’ Jesus” are still quoted today and all the internal rhyming had many of us thinking dude would be the next Rakim. And while I won’t touch that debate, I will say that Nas did a hell of job performing “Live at the Barbeque” at Rock the Bells in New York City last night. I’ll also say I’m glad the footage in the above video is as good as it is, because some of us (me) couldn’t be there.

    You can watch additional footage of Nas’ live set below.

    [Rap Radar]