“Little Blu House” (Little Dragon Mystery Dance Remix)

    The act of reciprocation is one that can go beyond merely receiving an awesome gift for your birthday because you shelled out some dough for an equally awesome gift for that special someone in your life (or parents). It can also lead to some pretty goddamn great music, which just so happens to be the case here. Unknown Mortal Orchestra recently got their mitts on Little Dragon’s “Nightlight,” one of my personal favorite singles of the year, and remixed it for the Swedish band’s Ritual Union EP.


    And now, Little Dragon has returned the favor by reworking UMO’s “Little Blu House” for what they have called a “mysterydanceremix.” It definitely suits their take on the Unknown Mortal Orchestra standout, which retains the urgent poppiness of the original while adding, of course, a throbbing beat and more than enough bouncy synthesizers. This is just way too much fun for 4:30 in the afternoon.


    Unknown Mortal Orchestra is out now. You can stream the remix below.


    Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Little Blu House” (Little Dragon MysteryDanceMix) by Little Dragon