“Little Bit” (Villains Remix) (MP3)

    The two predominant remix forms that float around blogs these days seem to be based on two formats: the post- Cross , hard, rock-influenced, squelchy banger, a la somebody like Bloody Beetroots or Crookers, and the vibrant, generally less-irritating Karate Kid -soundtrack esque melodic indulgence. This remix of Lykke Li’s "Little Bit" isn’t really either, which is certainly a credit to its architects, LA’s Villains. Instead of trying to turn the original into to some disfigured club jam, they just use the track’s melody, and play with that to make it a little bit more danceable. If it was hard for Villains to not insert siren noises and chop up Lykke Li’s voice, someone should let them know that they done good. [MOKB]