Lipstick On The Blunt F. Casey Veggies, King Chip

    Back in 2012, Casey Veggies and King Chip linked up on Chip’s “The Jam.” The song saw the two MC’s do what they do best, stunt a little bit, address the haters and talk about their love of women and weed all while delivering some clever lines that show they don’t take themselves to seriously. The two are back at it again with “Lipstick on the Blunt,” which is going to be featured on Emilio Sparks upcoming project, Forever Madness (The Randy Savage EP).

    The track is produced by Mike Cash and samples Val Venis’ WWE enterance song, which is made into a hard hitting beat. The screeching trumpets remain, and overtop of them Casey and Chip tell a story of “lipstick on the blunts and her jeans on the floor.”