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Lil Wayne: SNL (Video)

Here is Lil' Wayne performing "Got Money" and "Lollipop" on Saturday Night Live (September 13, 2008). Mack Maine appears on "Got Money."


Wayne gets on the guitar around the 8:00 mark during "Lollipop." Michael Phelps provided the introduction.


Update: The original video on Youtube became disabled. Here is another link to "Lollipop" with Wayne playing guitar although this version is much lower quality:

Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous (Remix - MP3) ft. Akon, Sean Paul, Twista Girls Aloud The Promise (Audio)
Lil Wayne


/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

its not awful - it's AWFUL


Who needs talent anymore?


lil wayne is amazing.


Ok he's not so good live but he's one of the best rappers alive.


I think lil wayne did a wonderful job last night :O) I also think he is a sexy man :O)


Why are there so many haters. Lil Wayne was great. He is so sexy and adorable. There's just something about him.

lil momma

He was much better than that dorky d-bag Michael Phelps, which is not saying much.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mannya/manny3.jpg mannya

soooo, is anyone as weirded out as I am about him playing guitar with his thumb?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/joydivided/charly.jpg joydivided

memo said,

"Ok he's not so good live but he's one of the best rappers alive"

I completely understand where your coming from because I am the sexiest person alive, I am just ugly in person!


I've never seen a "musician" who apparently needs lessons on how to fake playing a guitar. FAIL.


Lil Wayne needs guitar lessons. BAD!


definitely lost some of the little respect that I had for Lil Wayne. A guitar is not an accessory. Who can honestly say that what we saw would be worth actually going to see. It's really says somethine about our culture when the defending argument is..."stop hating! he's so sexy!" yeah sex sells, but it doesn't equal talent. give me outkast, talib, or nas. Lil Wayne is another dime a dozen rapper singing about nothing but capitilistic and sexual conquests. Amazingly shallow to me. He's definitely not the worse though.

I'm done


Wayne is still da best rapper in da game right now


Memo said "Ok he's not so good live but he's one of the best rappers alive"
....this is simply retarded and it's contradictory as well....what makes a rapper good? the ability to flow and perform, freestyle, not drop the beat and put on a good, not only do 90% of lil Wayne's lyrics suck, but what ur saying is he can't even perform them well when he already has them memorized????? WOW, you need to expand ur files....badly, because Lil Wayne is over-produced drivel when compared to any of the good lyricists out there right now, new and old???????


If a lover of music went into a coma in 1969 and woke up today and heard this as an example of the current state of "pop"music, he'd wish he never woke up. This is pure crap bordering on "minstrel" caricature and should be an insult to African Americans who lead normal lives. If "rap/hip hop" came out of the white suburban shopping mall culture, sounding exactly the same, it would never have risen to the level it is today simply becasue it sounds and looks STUPID!


worst rapper alive,
no talent in any category


HATERS get a life. lil Wayne is a freak and that's what makes him so great bc he obviously doesn't care what all the other ball lickers out there think.


he was raw in got money, also in lollipop..i agree the guitar, not too good, but hes a RAPPER not a guitarist, i think its raw that hes tryin to learn the guitar....its gonna make his shows and music that much better, the best rapper alive soon to be the best musician alive


i suck at life

lil wayne

i dont like rap and thought this guy has talent! Great performance. Nice to see rappers who can actually play an instrument too.


Ok dude the auto tune is amazing
wayne has so muc talet but lyriclly it not supposed to be



no talent no offense to any of you who like him but it just doesn't work. he's doesn't belong in the music business and i believe rap and hip hop are destroying good music. its sad that this is what music has come to a bunch of wanna be musicians that can't even come up with good lyrics


man he newb as sh it dat was awful, Shawty Lo the king stfu haters

Fake it while u make it

I had never even heard ot Lil Wayne when I tuned into the premier of SNL and I was just knowked back by his dynamic performance. It's his talent that makes what would otherwise be a homely little guy sooo sexy I am a casual fan of rap/hiphop, but now a BIG fan of Wayne. I'm sure he made many more converts that night despite what the haters want to believe. And I loved his bringing out the guitar even though he's obviously a beginner. It will make him a better musician..


Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, tha carter III is considered one of the best albums 0of 2008 by Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin, everyone knows Wayne has talent

Weezy F Baby

oh damn they like put auto tune in the mic.. badass songs!


WOW Everyone who says Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive is smoking crack. PLENTY of underdog rappers can blow his lil ass out of the water.


both fingers to all yal. wayne nice.


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