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Lil Wayne: Prom Queen (MP3)

It's well known that all rappers want to be rock stars (more fame), and all rock stars want to be rappers (better health plan), so it shouldn't necessarily be that shocking that the nuttiest of working rappers, Lil Wayne, has decided to release a rock album (Rebirth, due out on April 7). But what Lil Wayne really means by "rock album" is still up in the air.

If first single "Prom Queen" is any indication, Lil Wayne defines "rock" as music with chugging, emo-lite guitar riffs, and auto-tuned singing/rapping. "Prom Queen" is about Lil Wayne wanting to get at the Prom Queen in high school, but not being able to make the move, which given that Wayne was rapping professionally as a teenager, isn't autobiographical.

It's becoming clearer that Rebirth is (like 808's and Heartbreak) a case of Wayne's record company letting him release questionable material he's emotionally invested in to keep him happy enough to continue recording new rap albums. But judging by "Prom Queen," Rebirth is setting up to be a disaster.


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Lil Wayne

The kids will probably like this.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I'm so disappointed at wayne he ditched his real fans that been their from the begginning like me. I don't like rock and he was suppose to be a rapper. where does that leave me? :(

Lil Wayne's ex-fan

Its not really the lil wayne i know but like when kanye west came out with Love Lockdown Lil wayne said kanye encouraged him to do whats he feels to show his other side so he came to rock everyone knew he was coming to this the piercings the clothes lol


God. Seriously, this is terrible. I hope Andrew has got some of his Tokio Hotel (and Framing Hanley) hate reserved for this crap.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/TinyRoads/Cropped Shot for DRMS.jpg TinyRoads

I do. I think it's kind of ironic that this sounds almost exactly like the Framing Hanley song (at least in the lame ass guitars, the whiny vocals, etc.). This is really, really bad.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Yeah, but Tokio Hotel are hot babes!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Lil Wayne.....I implore you to buy a copy of Run DMC's "Rock Box" and please put the guitar down. PLEASE.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WillieBoy/m_0e17a4718ca3ea0b4bcf0364b506d27c.jpg WillieBoy

if you need autotune to make your record listenable, it means you shouldn't be singing. the sooner kanye and wayne realize this, the better.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/hybridxdawn/toropovbioimage.jpg dtoropov

Soon you all will look back and laugh at Wayne the same way you laugh at Fred Durst. I've hated Wayne for YEARS. Get off my bandwagon!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WilliamTrinity/william.jpg WilliamTrinity

True that Daba. Tokio Hotel are hot babes. The hottest, in fact.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Lil' Wayne is a good rapper, but the only reason anyone ever fell for the hype of him as the best rapper alive was because of the insane amount of units he moved. I still can't understand why every blogger alive thinks that listening to Lil' Wayne is a credit of any kind. Is that as close as they can come to pre-defending against any charges of racism?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/TinyRoads/Cropped Shot for DRMS.jpg TinyRoads

I actually enjoy Lil Wayne (mostly). I think that the fact that most of his albums are a total mess is kind of charming, because it's an affront to the focus-grouping of pop music, which Wayne should be considered a leader of at this point. At the same time, this rock album stuff really, really stinks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Why did he do this? Seriously...
I already disliked him as a rapper, but now I can't bear listening to him at all.




come on he's been in the rap game for so long and no doubt he is 1 of the best And its for damn sure that he has gained the right to explore different music styles. I'm actually proud that he would rather work on something he wants to do instead of just appealing to his demographic Just for the money. No way this is a publicity stunt he's just an artist exploring a new concept.


Alright, i'm a huge Lil' Wayne fan, i'm 18 and I've been following him since his Carter 1 days and know everything about him and his style. You guys don't understand why he's doing this, and I think you should before you criticize it. One, he's doing this to prove that he can do anything when it comes to music and make it sound good. The same thing he did with his voice with the "autotune" in most of his Dedication 3 songs. Two, he's proving that he can do it all when it comes to music. Ofcourse his "rock album" isn't going to compare to a nickelback for christ sake and he doesn't want it to, he just wants to attract more fans and diversify his fan base a little more. In the end, it all comes down to money, and people are going to buy this because of his appearence, his voice, and the words he uses. If you haven't noticed, Wayne is one of the most creative and talented lyricists of all time so listen to the words more than the beat and you'll appreciate it more. Plus, did you make 58 million dollars last year or get nominated for 8 Grammy's? I didn't think so. Clearly he's doing something right.


i dont know what music ya'll are listening too but to me this is classic and most of ya'll would complain even if he left his music the same ya'll would complain when is he gonna change his music ...i think Lil Wayne has took his music in to his own hands and is doing waht he wants with it which is what music expression is all about i rate this a song a 10 for going out there and doing somethin different and it sounds badass as well

Josh Decker (DeckaMade Productions)

As an avid listener of Wayne up until the LilWeezyana mixtape, it pains me that I am called a hater because all of his $h!t that he's put out over the past two and a half years has been bull$hit autotune synth'd out vocals sounding more bitch than Kanye. It's obnoxious and we will look back at this period in history and ask what the was everyone thinking?


TOKIO HOTEL are a couple of hot babes!
framing hanley on the other hand...

not so much.


No Framing Hanley are not hot chicks. They are ugly douches.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Wow Wyane jus HAS to prove he the best.... You can't have everything. You're already the best rapper alive, why do u have to be the best ROCKER alive? Sad!

Tee Stokes

leave this man alone.. he is not ditching his fans.. he is just expanding his talent and trying something new to see the type of reviews he is going to get.. Probably more positive then negative. And his true fans will follow him with whatever he decides to do. and i wouldn't call you a hater because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.. but at the end of the day he's richer then you will ever be

josephine the true fan

Can everyone please stop hating. This site posted a crappy version of the song and the vocals aren't clear. Wayne has always made great music, whether it be hardcore rap or whatever - and this is not different.

"they yell skate wayne"

Lil Wayne 4 Life

not bad at all.


this $H!+ go harder than a piece of steel out of the mil

mas mas

this is the best you guys are haters


is he really trying to growl on a vocoder? wtf?

this is awful.


listen 2 da fukn song its a story hoe dis fire rock dis ish all day...da prom queen turned him down now she beggin for him bak...dis dat fukn fire hoes really like dat 2

gunna squad d-fresh

You are all bitches who put bad comment s and are mad haters because you can't sing BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its not that bad just take it in context of his other work and not compare it to the entire history of rock


dont be gay. lil wayne is f*cking awesome and anybody who thinks this song sucks is most likely sucking on cocks all the time or atleast wants to. This is goddamn awesome that lil wayne is coming out with a rock album. not only is he a bitchin sweet rapper, he's a damn good rocker. anybody who dislikes wayne or this song dont know good f*cking music.

F*ck u all

man yal r hatres go get layd!!!!


i am a really big fan of wayne i have almost all of his albums n think hes f*ckn great n aftr listening to prom queen i think rebirth will b 1 of his bad albums but its wayne so who knows he might surprise us with a kick a** rock album


wtf this is the worst song in the world... ive heard iranians rap better than this foo does.. i am soooo disappointed in lil wayne i used to look up to him and now he let me down this foo is fallin off the game he used to be on top and now he is down below the ground he sucks at life i mean seriously ima go shoot myself now since i waisted my life listining to this wack a** song dang lil wayne you suckkkkkkkkkk....

wayne sucks at life

kickass thats all u can say

dnt wrry bout it

i mean lil wayne is my man.. rapping wise. but whats with this rock sh!t im hearing? btw, isnt the beginning of this track a blink 182 beat? idk if its just me but i think all that syrup is gettin to this dudes head

Big R

you have 2 really listen 2 wat he talkin bout,,its really a gud song if u understand wat he talkin bout.


Here is a piano version for this

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (Piano Version by Russ Castella) Music Video


its not that he ditched out on his original fans....hes tryin something different. From my opinion, wayne has a level of respect to where he should be able to try a new crowd if he wants. the old lil waynes still here, but tha rebirth is a release of hidden thoughts that he had to let go.


go weezy! this song rox!!! i know you had it all figured out stormie

fye weezy g. stuntman

i think he is just trying to be more diversed instead of just doing one thing he wants to branch out not to leave his other fans behind because he still raps too and it is not a bad song if you listen to the lyrics he's telling you about his experiences in a whole new light and personally i know i'm young and i don't know much but i respect him for reaching out to another crowd and at least he is willing to see if it will work for him and think about it he still rapping too and he is on almost everyones song so lil wayne no matter what side of him you like better is still here and he will be for much longer so for the ones who think he is trash get over it or stop listening because no one is forcing you to listen to him.


Won't some of youll stop hating lil wayne just made this song cause he wanted to do a rock song. Jay-z done the same thing with linkin Park. But lil wayne is always going to be a rapper you'll acting like the man is about to be a rockstar for rest of his career, don't jump into conclusions so fast just wait and see what happens.


this album is ganna be bad ass just like tha carter 3 so all u kids that are hating on him this album is ganna be CRAZE do ur thing lil wezzy


You know that I just read every comment on this page and what have we as humans become. What happend to suporting the ppl that we sit here and say we admire and are the


Im disappointed with a few of these comments. Lil wayne has been doin his sh1t since he was 12!!! if the man wants to spread his wings and see what else he can dominate then support him.....that is what a true fan is. I personally feel the Rebirth will be the sh1t! Its funny to see people SAY HE SUCK........LOL ITS CALLED CHANGE DICKHEADS....GET WIT THE FUQN PROGRAM!!!


diis roxx!!.


This song is amazing....

Mo $

it was okay?!?!?!?!?!?!


the prom queen song and album rocks and its the s***......


i have been a lil wayne fan for a long time he lost me as a fan when he kissed birdman yeah ik its his dad im told that everytime i bring it up i never kissed my dad am now a fan again he made this rock album and this song prom queen u gatta listin to it n gatta kinda understand where hes coming from with it. it also helps to be able to relate to what he saying i can relate to alot of it with any song so the ppl who are hating on him rememeber u have or had it aot easyier than him growing up!
so grow up n just listing to him hes the s*#t he has great lyrics yeah sometimes the beats arnt very good but not every song ganna be a million dollar hit


HATERZ!!! what did lil wayne ever did to you!?

lil waynes #1 fan

ya'll are just a bunch of haters, lil wayne and kanye have talent and the only reason your gettin all pissy over this is prolly cause hes a rapper and can do rock too, so shut the f*ck up and stop hatin cause somebody is doin better than your lame ass!


I dont no what to say 4 other people, but wayne dats me manz and da s--t is real so haters u can kiss my dic and lick my balls

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif blackrob

yo..waynes a musical genius, it was a nice turn to rock..but it was rap at the same time because you dont say phuck in a rock song.


hes not ditching us hes just changing it up so hes not ditching his fans.he makes his music better thats what all good musicians do.

you guys dont no music

i agree totally with tha fact that all yall r a bunch of haters quit trying to compare lil wayne to other people its not gonna happen his music is different and its his go look at the interview with katie courric he dont give a damn what u think or how u feel he is a role model to only two people his kids and honestly he's got so much money he could take a crap wrap it in tin foil put a fish hook in it and sell it to the queen of england as an ear ring for a millie bitch bet ur famous rockers cant do that


This Song Is The Bomb And Yeah I Like It,
Haha Rock On :)

Your Mom :)

what do you mean where does that leave you.. it leaves you right beside him like a real fan should be.Its business as well as promotion .Its just the same as Miley being for the teens and Hannah being for the children .Its the best of both worlds .so just stay where you at cause he isn't going anywhere hes just broadening his horizon. :).


if you dont like this song its probably because you only listen to rap just because everyone else does.


yo you ppl crack me up, dats why i got a copy of carter IV already rite? seriously ppl shud stop hatin on someone who can do soemthin, and they cant, lemme ask you, whens the last time you released an album that sold even 1/10th of wat either of tha carter's 1 2 or 3 sold.? you didnt, cause you to busy online hatin on a nigga that makin more money in one minute then you will make in ya entire lifetime. if you think he so bad go out there and do better stop hatin on him online. do somethin bout it if you dont like his music, wtf you listenin to blink 182 nigga? the soul purpose of lil waynes music is smoke albums, 90% of his fans want suttin to listen to that flows easily. you can understand, and enjoy when your high as a kite,

ya boy E

I lovee; weezy thass mii baybee daddy...lovee his voice..he's sexii


i think lil wayne's music is the bomb soo people who thing its sh-t can suck my big toe because his music is the bomb!!

little miss biotch

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