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Lil Wayne: "Fix My Hat" (MP3)

"Fix My Hat" is the third track to leak off Wayne's upcoming rock/hip-hop album, The Rebirth. The song was produced by Drew Money.


In an interview with Billboard, Money stated "I wanted raw energy, and if you listen to Beastie Boys' first album, 'Licensed To Ill,' you'll know what mind state I was in when creating it. I just wanted something simplistic but with a complex element in the hook."


Rebrith is schedule for release on June 23, on Young Money/Cash Money/Universal.


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Lil Wayne

Im hard body

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif blackrob

its nice..i only heard a lil lol..i was in class an my teacher came up an heard it...sum1 sed it was a fone but my mate sed it was me an i got court :'( :P . im goin to listin later....souns good tho :D


WHAO Fark yeh , man this is madd . oi an lil wayne doin rock...well it wouldnt be gay rock ...i mean hes to me its rap with jus rock in it :/ . an wouldnt depend on the type of genre it is....aslong as its wayne..than uno its going to be good =]


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