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Lil Wayne: "Every Girl" ft. Young Money (Video)

Let's be honest here; You wouldn't care about the video for "Every Girl" if Lil Wayne wasn't involved. The fact that his Young Money artists are also on the track is not even on your radar. And Wayne knows that, I suspect, which is why he's the star of the video, does the hook, and takes the opening verse. I wonder why all of them decided to use Auto-Tune. That's probably Wayne's doing too. 


"Every Girl" (MP3) ft. Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine

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Lil Wayne

true lil wayne does draw you in to the song, but the YMBs in this are dope. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine straight kill it in dedication 3. Keep on keepin on lil wayne. You da best.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif dboy

Ma Boi Drizzy str8 KILLA


lil wayne tha best and he sexy as s*^&


Only thing good about this video is wezzy and the girls that where it starts and ends.

Duval County

Weezy Drake N Millz Killed Dis Track N Every Track They Have Been Releasing In 2009 Jae Millz Shouldn't Have Signed With Lil' Wayne As A Member Of Young Money He His Too Good To Be In That Line Up


this song go hard cant nobodi say nun wait til i learn it imma b in skool jamin lil a bitch and haters keep hatin on lil wayne he aint worried bout yall

d towns finnest

u are the best wrapper ever n i love ur new song everygirl go head n keep doin wat u do weezy

brooke king

i luwb disz sung i listen to disz sung every day:DDD
lil wayne mii fav rapper so hataz kisz hisz asz!!


i think your bionic and i dont think ur butiful u smell lyk some vomit


this ish iz the damn best son luv u lil wayne


Drake is a beast. And he didnt use autotune that nigga can really sing.


this video is funny
i luv lil wayne
i wish he would do me =)

me me



The video i pretty tight but the message is screwed up....


i luv this song this is a hit lil wayne did it again but kam much harder this tyme im feelin this joint


i love diss song
diss song is wavy


this is my song


i like the fact that theres all types of girls in this video.
they arent just talking about a specific type of girls.
theres all types. fat skinny black white ghetto emo. :] thats cool.


i love this song........ i'm lovin lil wayne! thnk for this one.......


Wayne Straight Killed.
Haters Sayinq Wayne "Overrated"
He Just Came Hard Like The Old Wayne
Would. Get Right Man.
Fxck Ya'll Haters Ima Say It For Wayne.

Im Gone

Lil Protege'

im lovin dis song dis a club banger


Weezyy Killed It Niggahh ! Cant Lie He Is The Best Rapper Alive :D

I Love Drake He Is Soo Hott !

Damnn I Wishh I Could F*** All The Rappers Alive ! Haha

Dha Realist xD

da song of da yea dats mi song

i love girls

darryl fitzgerald

lil wayne even reppin the native females!! native pride!!


lil wayne to da hatas out there lil wayne could get any girl he wants

looney tune soldier

YMB's did they thang so stop the hattarade, but lets face it without Lil Wayne on the track it would be just another song. Steel reapin New Orleans, Lil Wayne keep doing your thang my nigg. C's got luv 4 you my nigg 1 luv fam.


i disagree on one thing. Jae Millz been out and he been hot. even if Lil Wayne wasnt in the song it would have still been a dope ass song. Lil wayne just made it better. b.t.w. this video is so effin silly! LMAO! i had to watch it like 10 more times cuz of them stupid lil comments. FONIX!


lil wayne is hot...his swagg is ridiculous


i luv u lil wayne u is mii favorite rapper i wnet 2 all of your concertz just 2 c u wit yo sexii tale


i love this song this is the shyt and lil wayen gudda gudda and drezzy drake is the best and wat lol and this vidoe is dope...


man this is the bomb


he did it again! ohhhh my wizzy baby...mmmmwwa


mane u mii dawg

lil moma

OMG! This is just what everyman is thinking they just put it into a song!
Drake is just simply sex on legs!
Im never actually facied Wayne till now!
Gudda Gudda is slacking with his lyrics "And im swear im feeeling all of y'all, im scrolling down my call log and im gonna call all of y'all" Im sure you can do better than that, or you can just borrow some of Drake as he just seems to never run out!
"And im 3 years holla at me Miley Cyrus" Hahahha!

Love it <3


lil wayne is just the best i just love him!!!

ravella hyslop

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