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Lil Wayne: A Millie (Remix - MP3)

Weezy did it and to give thanks he put out this remix of "A Millie."



[Nah Right

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Lil Wayne

Head on - apply directly to the forehead.
Head on - apply directly to the forehead.
Head on - apply directly to the forehead.
Head on - apply directly to the forehead.
Head on - apply directly to the forehead.

That's all that I hear.

Steve L

In my opinion Lil Wayne is the greatest because he is different. He has his own flow,own ideas & he takes risks.People say that he can't stick 2 one concept on his album songs and that he can't differentiate a freestyle from an album song, but he is the ONLY rapper I know who can sell 1million records in 1 week by doing that.He just lets the track play and he just goes like a full-throttle locomotive..His style is what make him him..He is different & he goes beyond the trend of traditional hip-hop albums and makes his own..A style that no other can immulate now or never.His mind is genius & goes further than our mind can think of as a normal human being..He truly is a martian..No rapper in history has done what he is on the verge of doing..I aint tryna jock on him but he deserves what he's getting....He is the Best & haters can keep on hating, but after while when they see that he keeps on working despite them, they will see where that gets them..

Tae Jones

this is a really legend and it is blimkin soumd m8 haha lolz

sex god no1

...I'm got a millie a millie a millie licks licks licks for Weezy F. Baby....there I said the Baby....Taste ya soon, Sweetie.....

Ms Shevy da real Mrs. Carter

well thats my baby

actually slept with wayne

Sick wit it!! Thanks to real mc's, Lil Wanye, hip hop has risen again!!! u know u hear a lot of wack MC's now and weezy has restore it all!!! What more can u can say "A Millie" in a week, speaks for itself!!!

Pump ur speakers, Hip Hop is Alive!!

Wayne is without doubt origional. destined to greatness lets see where he goes next


this yo girl from the i be giggin to this eeeeeeerrrrra day muuhh fuuhh


the best is wayne got that bit chs

black man

that stuff is fly

Omari Washington

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