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Lil B: 'Blue Eyes' (Mixtape)

Even though it seemed that he was prepping a mixtape called Gold House -- he still is, and it's due out soon -- Lil B has taken to his various social media accounts to promote a different tape called Blue Eyes. It comes with parenthetical reference of (Collectors Edition, Very Rare Based Music), which more or less means that this is for his true, die-hard fans.

As for everyone else, you will probably find the incessantly bizarre music, like opening track "Bitch Mob Killah," just way too weird to enjoy/comprehend. Although, maybe you should stick around to hear what he has to offer here, especially the three spoken-word pieces at the end. If you were ever looking to find out just what goes on in the Based God's mind, this is it. I think.

You can stream the mixtape below and download it at Dat Piff. Gold House is coming soon.

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