“Like One” (Video)

    Spontaneity, a lot of the time can lead to great things. Now hailing in Boston via Austin, Texas the duo Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal wrote a song together that just clicked.  Their new single “Like One” is a frolicking tune full of shimmery guitars. And as the song’s fast pace gears into high speed, Mondal’s energetic vocals blast its way through the short pop punk number. Everything aligns perfectly in this song making it one hell of a catchy number. The music video that accompanies this raucous track is a dizzying collage of footage that’d have your heart palpitating to pogo jump along. Silkies are definitely one of indie pop’s best kept secrets.

    Their new single “Like One” is now available digitally for free on Young Latitudes Records and on the still so cool cassette format via Heart Throb Records.