“Lights Down Low” F. Waka Flocka Flame

    With his Upscale EP not too far away, Bei Maejor seems to be looking for some of that radio hype with this latest track “Lights Down Low,” and with the enlistment of Waka Flocka Flame, he probably won’t have too much trouble, at least on the less respectable stations.

    I’ll be honest, the self-production here is top quality for this vein of hip-hop, so nods to Bei for that. It’s definitely ready for some quality emcees to do freestyles over. As for the content, well, let’s put it this way–if you’re down with this kind of deal and regularly take copious amounts of ecstasy, you can probably get laid when this one hits your local college bar. It’s just that kind of track.

    I do have to ask: does anyone really think that’s Flocka on the track, because other than his usual adlib blabbering, his bars don’t quite sound the same. Maybe it’s just me, but he sounds a little more like DJ Paul.

    Oh, and this dude looks like Bow Wow.