“Lights” (David Lynch Collaboration – Video)

    The above video is a collaboration between Interpol, the poster children for well-coiffed millennial indie decadence, and David Lynch, the man known for making everyone afraid of Dennis Hopper and Isabella Rossellini for the rest of their lives (and also weirdly being on Family Guy). Which is a little strange! Also, weirdly, the band wants you to know the above song set to images is not a music video.
    According to an article accompanying the premiere of the video written by the band on The Huffington Post, “It’s important to clarify: Mr. Lynch did not make a music video for our song.” So, then. … what? Technically, the above is an animation of a Lynch character with the extremely Lynchian name of “I Touch a Red Button Man” designed to be shown at this year’s Coachella music festival while the band plays their song “Lights” from their self-titled 2010 record. Which is somehow not a music video. So have fun watching the above moving images and music, which, again, is not a music video.