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Liars: "Scissor" (Download) (MP3)


There’s already some considerable excitement building for Liars’ forthcoming Sisterworld, especially after the band released a few typically oblique preview videos on a dedicated website. Now, more substantial advance word has arrived in the form of an MP3 on the site, titled “Scissor.”


“Scissor” is set to be the first song on the album, and begins somewhere down in the gutter as Angus Andrew moans ruefully over minimal backing. The pace picks up midway through the song, sounding more typical of Liars’ sound, but with added organ, piano and violin that suggests they’re mapping out some fascinating new territory with Sisterworld.


Click here to download "Scissor."

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This is, by a wide margin, the best track on the album.

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You think so? I have to vehemently disagree. Loved this track when I first heard it -- it's very different from anything they've done -- but after absorbing the record I would place it in the lower middle of all the tracks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/MFB/profilepicjpg.jpg MFB

I wouldn't say this is very different--this just splits the difference between Liars and Drum's Not Dead (blaring proto-punk mixed with hazy atmospheric wanderings). Still think this is the best.

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