“Letter To My Son” F. Cee-Lo Green (Video)

    Rising Memphis spitter Don Trip dropped a repackaged version of his biggest single to date, “Letter to My Son,” with a fresh guest hook from Cee-Lo Green. His star power should help bring some more recognition to Trip, who has consistently been on his grind. I mean, dude dropped two mixtapes on the same day that were completely different, yet similarly solid.

    “Letter to My Son” further shows off the rapper’s range. He’s at his most serious here as he, well, raps a lyrical letter to his son, who he is unable to see because of issues with his former girlfriend/wife. The track’s newly issued visuals work well to depict Trip’s emotions without getting too dramatic, something that could have easily occurred given the heavy subject matter. You can watch the video below. [OnSMASH]