“Letter Of Intent”

    Yesterday, Ducktails released their latest single “Letter Of Intent” off their forthcoming album The Flower Lane. The funky track features guest vocalist Jessa Farkas, as well as synth and bass contributions from Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford of Ford and Lopatin.

    Ducktails has undergone some growth both literally and sonically over the year and a half since their previous record Arcade Dynamics. Originally the side project of Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile, the project recently expanded into a full band. The evolution shows, as Mondanile does away with the ambling loops that typified his previous releases in favor of a slightly more traditional, straightforward songwriting approach. However, “Letter of Intent” doesn’t stray from the evocative atmospherics of the last albums; rather, he uses the loops here more sparingly to enhance the pop songwriting.

    The new album features a whole host of collaborations, including New Jersey lo-fi indie rockers Big Troubles, ‘80s indie rock artist Petter Gutteride from the Chills and the Clean, Madelin Follin of Cults, Oneohtrix Point Never member Daniel Lopatin, Ford and Loptain member Joel Ford, and several others.

    Listen to “Letter Of Intent” below: