“Let’s Roll” F. Kid Rock

    At his listening party earlier this week for Radioactive, Yelawolf  admitted that he hopes the album will break him through to the mainstream. Because, in his words, he’s fucking sick of the underground. With good reason, really, as dude’s been on the cusp of being a bigger name — and by that I mean an artist with serious radio play and sales — for a little while now.

    Keeping all that in mind, you can understand why he chose to make “Let’s Roll.” It’s a clear grasp at the mainstream at large, what with its celebratory hook from Kid Rock and pleasant production. What’s refreshing about this poppier turn from Yela is that he’s still rapping as hard as ever, but he’s just doing it in a way that’s more accessible. You can stream “Let’s Roll” below. Radioactive drops Nov. 22.