“Let Us Out” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)


    In an interview with the Boston Phoenix last November, Young Adults’ guitarist Chris Villon stated matter-of-factly that the Allston-based band’s goal was to “sound like Lightning Bolt and the Ramones”. Now, there are thousands of bands that want to find that sound and that such a task is a tall order, but Young Adults aren’t like a thousand other bands. There’s something special coming from these guys. “Let Us Out” is a cut from the group’s first full-length release, 2010’s Black Hole, and it acts as a statement of purpose for the band. Intimidating in the force of their noise like Lightning Bolt, but cozying up to Kevin Shields’ hypnotic wall-of-sound guitars and a post-punk ear for melody, the track is paradoxically both combative and relaxed. The video above shows the band in their natural habitat — a dark, slate grey dingy city basement — performing the song straight in flashes of light while a camera reels around them and highlights bassist Demitri Swan’s headbanging curly hair.


    Young Adults will be headlining a SXSW Showcase this year at the Easy Tiger Patio on March 18, details of the event can be found here


    Black Hole is available now and can be purchased via Young Adults’ Bandcamp page.