“Let U Go” (Video – Prefix Premiere)

    JMSN has been wronged, that much is clear. In the video for his track “Let U Go,” the LA-by-way-of-Detroit singer/songwriter and musician takes up arms against a former flame and her family. It is violent, but there’s a softer side to the video that works extremely well with the song itself.

    First, the visuals are delightfully twisted: JMSN (pronounced “Jameson”) dons a pig mask and a D.A.R.E. t-shirt, acknowledging both his insanity and the irony of his actions. A woman is also shot brutally in a corner; the camera shys from a direct shots, but the blood splatter on the wall (1:46) looks like grape Smuckers.

    It’s not funny because the content of “Go” is emotionally heavy and there’s clearly a lot of turmoil in JMSN’s head–he does draw a lot of inspiration from death–but the horror movie-like crawling of his well-endowed ex gives the video a near-playfulness that fits the music’s dark pop. There’s also the hilariously literal ending, which hopefully (at least) provides JMSN with metaphorical relief. Watch “Let U Go,” off Priscilla, below.

    JMSN – “Let U Go” Part III †Priscilla† from JMSN on Vimeo.


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