“Let the Record Go” (Prefix Premiere)




    If you’d told me when I was 16 that Omaha’s Saddle Creek records was going to go from releasing angst-ridden post-hardcore to putting out tightly produced and mature folk-pop, I would’ve been a little bit incredulous. However, if you’d played me a track by recent signees the Mynabirds, I suppose I would’ve had no choice but to believe.


    The Mynabirds are the child of Laura Burhenn, of the now defunct Georgie James. Not too long after that duo Burhenn put together the Mynabirds presumably, as an outlet for creations like the catchy and jangling “Let the Record Go.” Come April 27, you’ll be able to get this track and all of its siblings on the Mynabirds’ debut LP, which features contributions from Richard Swift and Orenda Fink, among others.


    What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood is out April 27 on Saddle Creek Records. Listen to “Let the Record Go” below.


    Let The Record Go by jefftafolla