It’s hard to believe that Pet Shop Boys have been doing what they do for more than three decades, but whatever these UK synthpop wizards have always had, they’ve still got. The duo’s upcoming record Elysium will be their 11th full-length since they debuted with Please in the mid-’80s. We’ve heard two cuts off the LP already, and the following track has emerged as the third glimpse at the new album. Take a listen to “Leaving” below:


    Elysium will be released September 11 on Astralwerks. See the full track list below.


    01. Leaving
    02. Invisible
    03. Winner
    04. Your Early Stuff
    05. A Face Like That
    06. Breathing Space
    07. Ego Music
    08. Hold On
    09. Give It a Go
    10. Memory of the Future
    11. Everything Means Something
    12. Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin