Leave Me Out (Video)

    Despite making the move from a self-run indie label to major powerhouse Warner Bros. Records late last year, JEFF the Brotherhood has yet to abandon the ramshackle, low-budget aesthetic charms that helped make the Nashville duo one of garage rock’s most endearingly rad groups.

    Sure, JEFF’s latest release, Hypnotic Nights, sounds significantly more polished than the group’s early albums — but take a look at the video for “Leave Me Out,” which premiered earlier today.

    Much like the videos for “U Got The Look” and “Bone Jam” — both cuts off JEFF’s 2009 album Heavy Days — “Leave Me Out” ditches slick production and fancy editing tricks for green screen effects and a retro, VHS-esque vibe. As images of fireworks and hot air balloons fill the screen, JEFF delivers a comedically restrained performance that feels ripped directly from a corny amusement park lip-synching video.

    Check out the video for “Leave Me Out” below, and don’t forget to catch JEFF the Brotherhood on Conan Nov. 15.