“Lay It On Me” F. Big Sean (Video)

    Well, it looks like Kelly Rowland has fully embraced her sexuality and isn’t afraid to show off what she’s got. At least, that’s been the case during the promotion of her new album, Here I Am. I mean, “Motivation” is pretty much all about climaxing while “Lay It On Me” appears to be a precursor of sorts.

    You know, like, you have to lay on top of her before you can be her motivation. Or maybe it’s the fact that she has to get on top of you? That seems to be the case in the song’s video, which features Rowland writhing above a slew of muscular men. Who knows. I do know that this is essentially one step away from softcore porn, just like most “R&B” songs these days. Watch the video below [Rap Radar]