‘Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches’ (EP – Download)

    To honor hitting the 1,000 mark for crafting these “sandwiches,” Questlove, the drummer from the Roots and Twitter fiend, tweeted links today to 10 of them. The “sandwiches” are actually the songs you hear the Roots playing when Late Night With Jimmy Fallon goes to a commercial break. And website All The Way Live, which posts MP3s and videos of each Fallon performance, put the 10 tracks into a handy zip file. These are mostly instrumental jams with some vocals here and there. One exception is “Woman,” which has Black Thought doing the spoken word poem originally done by Mike Myers’s character in So I Married An Axe Murderer.


    How I Got Over, the Roots’ next album, is due out in February 2010.



    The Roots: Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches