“Last Hope” F. Andreena Mills (Video)

    While his “Otis” freestyle with Busta Rhymes was DMX’s first recorded raps since getting out of prison, “Last Hope” is the growling rapper’s first track to receive visuals since he was freed this past summer. It’s somewhat predictable in terms of content as it’s filled with footage of X in court and, of course, rapping behind bars. The bars appear to be some kind of metaphor, though, as dude can be seen spitting with his pals posing around him. You then catch glimpses of some of his cars before it cuts to him hanging out with his posse again in a kitchen. It’s kind of weird, but so is X, which makes the whole thing work in its own way. Too bad the hook is so painful.

    You can watch the video below.

    [Rap Radar]