“Langston’s Pen” (Video)

    In my opinion, Skyzoo and Illmind’s overlooked collaborative album, Live From The Tape Deck, was criminally overlooked. Yes, it might not be some groundbreaking piece of work, but that’s not what either artist was going for with this release. Sky said he need a break from the more serious nature of his proper debut, The Salvation, and wanted to make some raw hip-hop. That’s just what he and Illmind have done with this project. Their latest single, “Langston’s Pen,” is a little heavy on the synthesizers and keys to be “raw,” but the drums still go pretty hard. And so does Skyzoo. He spits almost nonstop for the entire track, making references to ignorant bloggers, Jay-Z, his AP English test scores, and, of course, Langston Hughes while walking the streets of his hometown with Illmind.


    Live From The Tape Deck is out now.