“Land In The Sky”

    Although it wasn’t technically a mixtape, we couldn’t help including G-Side’s second 2011 release, iSLAND, on our list of the best free projects of last year. For one, we were including The ONE…Cohesive, which, at one point, was given away as a free download. In addition, we just wanted to make sure we gave iSLAND some love, which is what I’m doing right now. The Huntsville, Ala. duo knocked another ethereal homerun out of the park with their latest project.

    And that even goes for outtakes like the Block Beattaz-produced “Land in the Sky” that was left off the project because it didn’t fit the sequencing. You can stream it below. Also, for all you G-Side fans in Utah, they’ll be performing at Sundance at the T-Mobile Presents Google Music Series on Jan. 22 at TAO Nightclub in Park City.