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Lady GaGa: "Love Game" (Video)

This latest installment in Lady Gaga's war on pants, the video for single "Love Game," has the Gaga using all of the weapons in her arsenal; subway acrobatics, a glowing scepter (of Gaga?), magnificently obtuse lyrics (Let's have some fun/this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your disco stick), and what has to be some of the gayest choreography since this scene in 1953's Gentlmen Prefer Blondes. Actually, the pants thing might be unfair because, shockingly, Lady GaGa dons pants at the video's end; however, she counters this by appearing naked, candy-painted, and covered in fake gems doing some kind of weird lap dance. There's the Gaga I know.



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Lady GaGa

thats a really good video but the guy touching her all over:S:S


and then there's the chick she's making out with in the booth


omg shes a slut did you see her making out with the woman in the booth


I think its disgusting how shes naked and shes with those two guys and shes sitting on one of them while opening her legs to the other......thats so degrading and shes a slut shes disgusting i like her songs but i hate her shes just trying to get noticed by guys the fukn whore...there are other ways to do that lady gaga (stupid fukn name) dont need to slut your self off like you do.


that waz tight yo aye have any of yall heard of b5 them my babys spechialy patrick breeding


this video get ady the queen( she likes weenie too) it gets her going . she knows the lyrics by heart and she gets on with teh paletero man (truck shakes alot ;) )


There's Nothing Sick About This Video . So STFU,


you guys dont even fcking know lady gaga. Yeah i agree its not a very clean video, but stop talking sht.


wow i LOVE her songs but yea....this video is a taaddd too dirty and inapropreat, i love the song eh eh theres nothing else i can say. yea i love her songs but im not too sure about her...


yea i know this vidoe is dirty but i still love it?


in all her videos shes naked it just dicusting
dummy up lady gaga!

Lil F!zzy

all you NEGATIVE people are stupid.



yeah, it may be dirty,
but i have seen the same thing with music videos of rappers
with a bunch of girls that are almost naked.
and for some reason people find that somewhat normal


I love this song and i like her alot too! she expresses herself and if yall don t like her and the way she is then dont watch her and shut ur pie hole shes unique and amazing in her own way.GO LADY GAGA! (and thats and awesome name!)


lady gaga is a lesbo!first shes making out man then a women WTF!


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