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Lady GaGa: "Bad Romance" and "Speechless" (Live on Ellen) (Video)

Lady Gaga brought her post-Rocky Horror Picture Show stage show onto Ellen's show on Black Friday in a performance that was sky-high in spectacle and pretty empty in substance, just like "Bad Romance" and "Speechless," the songs she performed. I'm sure in Gaga's glittered brain cavity this stuff is part of some large performance art piece, but since this is taking place on an afternoon talk show marketed towards unemployed women who like to dance, this just seems desperate.


Lady Gaga's Fame Monster EP is out now. [Idolator]


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Lady GaGa

No, see, she's proving that pop has no boundaries. Next thing, she'll be performing on QVC.

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Wow - are you from Mars? Must be - certainly not from Venus. Lady Gaga's performance of Speechless has been hugely popular on Youtube. I thought it was great, as was her interview with Ellen. They really hit it off. You can knock Ellen's audience - certainly that's your right - but it mean spirited and knuckleheaded, in my opinion.


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