“All The Lovers” (Video)

    After the relative disappointment of X, Kylie Minogue’s intended comeback album following her victorious battle with breast cancer, Minogue has teamed up with Stuart Price (think Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor) to record a proper dance album, titled Aphrodite. Consisting of twelve tracks that Price has mixed to seamlessly flow into one another (a la Madonna’s Confessions) to create a houseparty vibe, Aphrodite kicks off with first single, “All The Lovers.” Both the song and the video hark back to days or yore for Minogue, the track echoing past single “I Believe In You,” while the video mirrors the poolside pile-up of 2003’s “Slow.” Relatively hokey, the video for “All The Lovers” features some expected and unexpected drippy love clichés, including doves, an ivory horse running through the streets of LA, a parade-sized white elephant floating in the air, and hundreds upon hundreds of barely clothed models creating an impressive mountain for which Minogue to writhe upon in ecstasy. Cheesy as it may be, it works; the video for “All The Lovers” serves as a perfectly apt companion piece for the new track, in which Minogue looks like a million bucks.