Kwesachu (Free Mixtape)


    The classically-trained grime-pop force that is Micachu has a delicious new mix tape called “Kwesachu” out for free download. You may remember Jewelerry, the album she released in 2008 with her band Micachu and the Shapes. A classically trained musician who got deep into the UK grime scene, she likes to set hooky electro or dubstep against the wreckage of discordant downtempo arrangements. Juicy tracks from such artists as  the XX, the Invisible, Hot Chip, Ghost Poet and Gold Panda burst out from the muck of noise to form strong pop structures like buildings against a polluted sky; you could be getting high and low at the same time. Micachu and the Shapes will be touring the U.S. this summer and fall. [Source:]