“Kiss The Sky” F. Mela Machinko

    By now it’s official: LA rapper Blu is an eccentric dude who is going to do whatever the hell he wants. The guy will even drop an entire album online with no warning that is produced entirely by Madlib. Only to take it off line the next day and reveal that Madlib actually did NOT produce it (true story).

    Regardless of the dude’s weirdness, he can still spit as featured on his new track “Kiss the Sky.” While the rapper has been known to drop some strange, experimental hip-hop, the new track featuring Mela Machinko is a no-BS affair. Energetic and classic soul samples courtesy of production by M-Phazes, the track will undoubtedly appeal for those yearning for Blu to return to the nostalgic-heavy sound of Below the Heavens.