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Kings of Leon: "The Immortals" (Royksopp Remix)

As a fan of Kings of Leon and/or Royksopp, did you ever think these two acts would cross paths? No? Me neither, though I'm only keen to the music of the latter act, which is probably what makes their remix of KoL's "The Immortals" so interesting. It retains the anthemic nature of the Come Around Sundown original, but stretches it out by nearly three times.

After previously clocking in at three minutes and 28 seconds, the track is now a lengthy nine minutes and 18 seconds. And what's surprising is that it doesn't even feel that long. Rather it's the kind of thing that could get you through the workday just fine, though you might not love it so much by the third listen. You can stream the remix below. [HT]

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Kings of Leon

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