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Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire (Video)

Apparently Kings of Leon’s new song, “Sex on Fire,” isn’t actually about an STD. The video makes the case for the song somehow being about quitting drugs (or booze, I suppose) as three of the band members try to keep lead singer Caleb Followill from leaving a bed as he sweats profusely. The song hasn’t improved since the MP3 hit three weeks ago—it still sounds like a “On Call” re-tread with even more directionless and ambiguous lyrics.


The song is slated to appear on Kings of Leon Only by the Night, due out on September 23 via RCA. 

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Kings of Leon

yes indeed

Fuzz bum

Are you nuts? This song is awesome....and there is nothing ambiguous about the lyrics. They are specific enough that it may not be played on some stations.

If you need it spelled can be a fever that torments...that fantasy that burns you up...while you are trying to rid yourself of it...or that one night you let yourself cross the line...a victim of some crazy heat wave...

well, I guess it is too deep for some people.


Everything they do blows me away.. this track is another classic from the KOL.
Cant wait to hear the whole album.


Hmm.. seems to be a lot of bad press coming from 'music critics' about kings of leon. could it be they are so blown away by their singer and have relized how pathetic of an excuse their own jobs are to the point they have to tare down someone elses art since they cant make their own.


Nope. This song just sucks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

i love this song its ******* ace. this song to me is one of there best ever i never get board of it and its just so sexy gets me in the mood.


I am in infactuated by this song, it rocks me to the core, like any good,hot,and hard rock song should!


This song is hot! addictive like crack, I agree this is art in its pure form...
Could be to deep for sum 4 real...


Its a fxxxing excllent song! I cant get enough of it. Its all about the sex


Just a question--but I just watched the video for the first time. Homosexual undertones? All guys, all hot, obviously sexual, eating . . chicken (a male chicken would be . . . ) gloves? I don't know. I was just struck by it and was curious about anyone elses thoughts on the matter. I have no idea (nor care) about the orientation of any of the members, but like I said--was curious.


HEY, SLIM!!! I gotcha! I'm a "chick"(en) despite the guy name! haha But I was thinking THE SAME THING! I think it's about giving into gay sex fantasy! (With the other "rattled bones" being near.) And then I wonder, if afterwards the part about "still being the greatest" is to let him know that they're still "cool." ??? I don't know! We might BOTH be wayyyyyyy off, but that too, was my first thought! Hummm?


hey i love the song am obssesed.. extra extra.. im still not sure what its about as the video stays on my tv screen from on demand.. constantly and plays in my ear .. and vibrates with my phone as my ring tone.. i will keep searching for the meaning bc i think that is as important as the sound.... ummm i will say that i kind of am leaing twards the dude or chic who says the s ong is about detoxing or quitting drugs. which i am in the process of doing myself so maybe im just wanting to relate. but your sex is on fire could be the drug and its not forever. just tonight but we are still the greatest.... and i can just taste it.. just taste it.. all that could reltate to a drug.. hmmmmmm . will come back with more thoughts after research. .... best song ever .. right now


Sex of fire - will be around for ever, many of the few who do not fancy it today will get to like it. Sorry for those who won't! Legendary piece. Not the best video, but who cares!


Calleb sounds like he is horsed. Is he doing it on purposed. Either way it sounds good because it adds emotion to the song. Now to figure out for myself what I think he's talkin' about in the song.


My thought was the book and the ropes and what seems to be dark magic. could it be inspired by some of Aleister Crowley's work. he has a great book on sex magic. Just a thought. Anyway it goes, this song is really stuck in my head.


It is an awful, awful, awful excuse for a song


"Consumed with whats to transpire."
Transpire = to give off or exude watery vapor from the surfaces of leaves.
This song is not about sex.
Chillax guuuuuys.

Lu The Avocado

we love this song! no matter what lyrics are!... enjoy it guyssssss!!

Reneeee, Louiz et Jorje

why are there so many chickens in this video, dead and alive????


ok my sister told me bout this song long time go. it took a while,but when i actually listened to it,it really got much so,that i fecking love it.i thought it was about a porn video,but alas i was wrong.its really fecking great.doesnt matter wat the feck its bout,it sounds fan of kings of leon.


Gotta correct the Avacado dude, the first and most popular (obviously) definition of "transpire" is to take place, specifically:

To become known; come to light.


Does anyone know of a killer remix of this...heard a few bad ones on utube but their label must have put one out...this track is going to be an club giant


He sounds like the guy from Police Academy, Bobcat Goldthwait. I wish it was about sex. But whatts up with hte chickens? And why aren't any women in the video?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif kerry

He sounds like the guy from police academy, Bobcat Goldthwait. I wish it was about sex. But what's with the chickens? And why aren't there any women in the video?


I think I agree with the homosexual theory... The guy with the long hair is under a water fall, another is bitch slapped and other than all the cock eating (rooster), look at all the rotating fist shadows...


First off, love love,love this song. Was also wondering about their sexual orientation just out of curiosity. There is a black cock(chicken) in the video. There is a man half dressed being drenched in water and at a couple points in the video there is a guy wiping his mouth. I don't care if their gay or not I guess I'm just curious.


i do agree with being curious about the sexual orientation of the guys, but i think looking at the video its to do with drugs, at 1.53 in the vid there is smoke coming up from the sceen-smoke assocated wit all mannor of drugs, also i think the chicken-male or not-was a better image then a turkey-going cold turkey-again would fit in with him being held down and transpiring, and then the others eating of the bird-maybe again it is a power thought behind it-that he has to overcome his addiction, then also at the end of the video black smoke is seen comming out from his mouth-again signifying that he is clensed of the evil of drugs that were in him, would also explain the lyrics if its not forever if its only tonight-could be the high he is seeking from taking drugs-but hell what do i know lol, just put my theory on it x


Homo-Erotic. I just saw the video and I don't see any other way to say this. But, it's a coming out party. If these guy's aren't closet gay, then they should crucify the persons responsible for the video. If I turned the sound down and watched it, I might think it was a new Clay Aiken video or something.
And I don't wanna hear that they're Bi-sexual either. Bi is gay, period.
It's strange though; the song doesn't sound so gay, but the video is so over-the-top gay it only serves to fuel the in-the-closet rumors that have been mentioned. Wouldn't be the first religously-oppressed group of guys to be gay.
Expect them to be outed in a few years.


I think it is gay oriented. The chickens are cocks. At one point he spits something white out of his mouth. They all hold him down, most gay guys know what that is about. The gloves are about fisting. No girls in the video. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what it is about.


Thanks heavens I am not the only one who sees this. I had heard the song a couple of weeks ago and saw the video today.

Where to begin... Well there certainly is a lot going on in this music video. Sweeties, I haven't heard a more blatant coming out song since George Michael's "Freedom 90." Let's run the list, shall we? First up, there are no females anywhere in this video (unless you count the bottom being held down on the bed or the long-haired guy in the water-pouring sequence reminiscent of Flashdance--What a Feelin', girl!). Second, did anyone else see the big black cock running around? (Uh-huh!) Next, we have some rubber glove hands on sticks that look suspiciously like fisting fetish gear. (Mmm-hmm... Lordy lordy, lordy...that is a whole different talk show.) This is followed by the desecration of what appears to be a Bible with one guy actually wiping his mouth after eating a chicken wing drummette even. (Bless their hearts--they did come from a strict tent-revival-meets-hellfire religious upbringing.) Then, there are some low-hanging gamecocks that can be seen on some of the long distance shots. Finally, the bondagesque pray-the-gay-away group with the guy breathing out the evil vapors and later spitting. (This and the guy lying around sweating seem to appeal to the detox theory, and more power to 'em! It also lets the KoL have right-wing fans and getspast the censors because it swung everything in a straighter direction.) There is nothing to add to what these boys have put out except to "Raise your feet to Jesus!"

Overall the song is fine, very catchy and well done. The lyrics also reach out in a gay direction, at least for me. And I know peeps will say "of course, you can see anything if you want to bad enough," but I honestly had no intention of seeing any such thing in this song. Thanks to Lu The Avocado for pointing out one of the various definitions of "transpire." They include...

1. to occur; happen; take place.
2. to emit or give off waste matter, watery vapor, etc., through the surface, as of the body or of leaves.
3. to escape, as moisture or odor, through or as if through pores.
4. to be revealed or become known.

The last definition is what struck me as most interesting relating to the lyrics. Come on out, boys! We have a new president and, I would like to think, a more tolerant nation.


Look at one of the parts when he eats the chicken leg,he practically deep throats it.Its questionable...


Poor Americans.
Its is no surprice to me that you, of course, think they are gay. You are in so many ways a scared and parochial people. The band does not dress or appear any different then many European bands (Who is heterosexual). Its stylish - not everybody can look like linkin park or snoop or whoever is macho enough for you guys.

When it comes to video the discussion is of course interesting enough - but i
clearly believe that its about abuse which also would be quite appropriate for them to relate to.

The stupidest thing that is said on this page is clearly that there are some girls in the video? SO WHAT! it is indeed just a silly cliche if there was girls in
every single video? Have you ever thought that the video maybe just are trying to be a bit different and maybe a little more art-like then many others? Typical that everybody screams gay as soon as there is something they don't understand......

Kinda similar to witch-burnings in the middleage SORRY! take a chill-pill guys and girls! DOH


I think the song could be more about the burning passions/desires/addictions, including sex, drugs, religion, food, etc. . Candlebox - Far Behind, Melissa Etheridge - I'm the only one, & Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire come to mind when I see this video/hear the song (for different reasons but similar). Another thing that comes to mind, which I think is awesome! LOST, the ABC tv series that we just recently saw the finale to. Near the end of the video you see smoke leave his mouth as he is expressing his emotions (Smokey lol). I also noticed several shots of him lying down resembled "Charlie Pace", from Lost (who was in a band called *Drive Shaft*).. I am not sure but I think that one guy was eating the chicken they caught, saw one or more chickens (I think they're chickens lol) hanging as well. It was strange, not sure what to make of it. Also kinda reminded me of Tool - Sober. It was a strange video, too. All I know is for me, it is what I want it to be...I think it should be that way for everyone.. Sometimes even ignoring what the band (or whomever) intends if it means it becomes what reaches you where you feel you need to be reached. I think it makes for a great release of what we may bottle up sometimes, to let another express it for us.. through a song. Seems there's an inner struggle going on in the video.. & that I can relate to. Can't we all?! I'm definitely gonna keep listening to this one. Glad I found it :) But I can accept that we all have our own favorite songs, movies, people, etc. That's what makes us balanced so if someone doesn't like the song, I understand. I just wish you did like it, that's all. ;)


whoa! what are y'all thinkin??? Just watch the video & listen. They are doing a exorcism on Caleb - the sweating & thriving & being held down. I dont agree with the bible scenes, could of been left out. So he's addicted, consumed, possesed with the sex he's havin with, this we dont know. but thats the point people. its sex soo good he can't do with out it. At the end the black smoke leaving his body is his obsession. his body is then clean. this song is awsome. And so true. What can YOU not live without? just think about it!!!


Would just like to say that the lyrics are Str8 up, this man is talking about sexual desire. But the music videos suggests otherwise bro.


the band members are all brothers.... hence its not gay, you f--cking homos


I think maybe this song is strictly about sexual desire so strong it is like a demon, or maybe a curse. The chickens could reference black magic. Near the end of the video when the black smoke comes out of his mouth he lays back, almost looking relieved, as if the curse has been lifted.


This song is just like: Sex & Beer & Football & Dancing & Driving on a highway
All in one :)


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