“Kill My Nightmare”

    Oh, rappers, you’ll just use any day as an excuse to drop new music, huh? It used to be that they would wait for an actual holiday or a made up one, like 4/20. But Yelawolf apparently felt so inspired by yesterday being Friday the 13th that recorded and released this chilling new track, “Kill My Nightmare.” It makes sense he would embrace this particular day, though — his most well-known cut, “Pop The Trunk,” remains eerie-as-fuck. Whereas that track felt more like a campfire tale of his rural surroundings, “Kill My Nightmare” evokes imagery of Yela donning Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask and contemplating his next kill. To be fair, I might just be seeing that in my head after hearing the beat, which samples music from the Friday the 13th video game.


    Stream the track below.