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Kid Cudi: "Wylin' Cuz I'm Young" f. Kanye West (Tags)

We recently heard these two together on the generic crap rock-biting "Erase Me," which serves as the first single from Kid Cudi's forthcoming Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. But while that track was a small disaster, "Wylin' Cuz I'm Young" is a bit more successful with its gloomy, brooding production. The hook isn't terribly inspiring as the whole stuttering vocal sample thing is kind of played out, but the rest of the track offers actual rapping from both Cudi and Kanye West. I know that shouldn't be much of a surprise from two guys who are considered rappers (and a producer, in Yeezy's case). But we all know how often they love to do the whole sing-song thing, Cudi especially.


You can hear "Wylin' Cuz I'm Young" at Nah Right. The track will appear on Perajok’s G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape.

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Kid Cudi

why does this phucker always bag on cudi yet bring the news about him. talking about a small disaster, or rippin on his lyrics and vocals. this guy is a phucking headcase. dont write about it if you dont like it


I agree with christian kid cudi is my favorite rapper and some of his songs such as soundtrack to my life and pursuit of happiness as well as day n nite of course are some of the best around...Gangster rap is dead and kid cudi is helping lead the way past it with his deep meaningful lyrics...u can tell he means wat he says and pours his feelings into the mic


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