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Kid Cudi: "Make Her Say" ft. Kanye West and Common (Video)


I don't think anyone could have predicted that a tossed off ode to getting blow jobs built on a Lady Gaga sample would be a candidate for video treatment. But here's a clip for Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say" that features verses about getting to it from Cudi, Common, and Kanye West. The video is pretty cool, but the song is still pretty dumb (although Kanye's verse is on another plateau than Common and Cudi's). I also can't see this replacing "Day N Nite" on hip-hop stations' playlists. But then again, I thought "Birthday Sex" was probably too raunchy to hit the radios hard, but now I can't walk 15 feet outside without hearing it. 


Kid Cudi's debut album, Man on the Moon: The Guardians, is due out later this year. [NahRight]

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Kid Cudi

I will never understand how lyrics like "poker her face" and "discostick" circumvent radio edits whilst "$#!t" does not...


And you never will Ha Ha!!!.


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