“Keep Your Eyes on the Road” (Video)

    Paul Marshall adopted the name Lone Wolf while making his album The Devil and I, telling Drowned in Sound:


    “As the songs were taking shape, they were becoming much more GRAND than what i had done before, with brass sections, military style percussion, distorted guitars etc.
    So i decided it’s time for a new guise and from this point forward i will be known as ‘Lone Wolf’.”


    His debut video “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” is also a grand feat. The artist worked with animator Ashley Dean to create an homage to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.”

    Marshall says of the process:

    “I personally ended up on set for a grand total of 45 hours. Long hours. Hours of stillness. Hours of having to mouth the individual syllables of the lyrics to my song like a child trying to learn to talk again whilst having make up put on one strip at a time. I had to lie in a coffin made especially for me. At one point it looked like I was even going to have to shave all my hair off due to it getting caked in liquid latex. “


    Check out the “Sledgehammer” video: