“Keep Shining” (Video)

    For the latest single off Shad’s great 2010 effort, TSOL, director Sarah Brown decided to put the MC’s lyrics on full display in a different way. She chose not to go the route of, say, depicting his verses through a visual story, which definitely could have worked here. She also didn’t just through his words on the screen like some sort of karaoke performance. Rather, Brown dedicated the visuals to the women Shad’s rapping about throughout “Keep Shining.” The following is a portion of the release that accompanied the video:

    My goals were to create a candid and uplifting experience that featured a wide diversity of women and girls and to also unearth what I felt lay beneath the lyrics: A call to claim one’s voice. Early on, I realized a key to this concept: Shad barely appears in the video. The ladies own the lyrics. For me, it’s as if Shad is saying “take it, own it, your voice belongs to you.”

    Aside from the obviously moving, uplifting track and visuals, it’s great to see that TSOL continues to be pushed. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t yet.