“Just (The Tip)” F. Jeremih & Ludacris

    Man, where the hell is Dave Chappelle at? Dude needs to make a comeback right now so we can have someone making fun of tracks like Plies’ latest single, “Just (The Tip),” which actually sounds like the kind of parody song we would have heard on Chappelle’s Show. This shit is so absurd that it’s impossible to hate on it, from Jeremih’s faux lover-man hook, to Plies gravelly nonsense, to Ludacris’ always-outrageous punch lines. “My ice cream cone gives you a brain-freeze”? Really? Of course! To be fair, there’s been more ridiculous innuendo-laced tracks released in the past, but I just kind of hoped that the rapping community would chill for a minute. No pun.

    You can stream the track below.

    [Rap Radar]