“Just Chill” F. Beanie Sigel, Bun B, Kobe (Video)

    For a minute, I thought that Travis Barker’s unlikely pull was able to get Kobe Bryant to sing a hook on an okay single featuring a preachy video that seems dropped in from 1994. But no, it’s just some dude named Kobe, singing in between better than average Beanie Sigel verses and an okay Bun B one, as the drummer does his human drum machine (with more tattoos) thing in the background. I still don’t entirely understand what Barker has over rappers–seriously so many people line up to work with him–but I guess dude is the go-to drummer in hip-hop now. Just think though, the kind of people ?uestlove could get if he did a solo album. 

    Barker’s Give the Drummer Some is out now.