“Jump Up” (Thom Yorke Remix)

    If you were at the Pitchfork Music Festival and saw Major Lazer, it was apparent somewhere between the enormous paper dragons and the crowd diving from a ladder that the band they may be least like is Radiohead. Doesn’t matter; the Thom Yorke remix to Major Lazer’s 8-bit dancehall anthem “Jump Up” works precisely because of that combination of disparate elements. Haunting synths that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Joker track provide an excellent counterbalance to Leftside and Supahyp’s untouched party vocals, which makes the track just the slightest bit disconcerting — in a very good way. The remix is part of the Lazers Never Die EP, which came out today and can be streamed at Major Lazer’s MySpace. You can also grab just the Yorke remix right here. [Stereogum]