“Juicy Luicy” (Needs A Boogieman) (Little Boots Remix Dub)

    The original “Juicy Luicy” (Needs a Boogieman) by Jupiter was already a frolicking dance number with its disco inferno glam. The bass line was thumping and the synths and guitars would blast you with its sharp tones. The French-English duo slaps it all together so effortlessly. But if there was any other artist that would be able to tap deep into the song and trick it up a bit, it’d be Victoria Christina Hesketh aka Little Boots. Her remix of the song slightly moves over the brightly spinning disco ball for a more electronic-beat driven dance effort. The vocals are still there and the chiming synths make their appearances as well. But the beat, the beat will drive you into a hypnotic dancing frenzy.