As good as The Fame Monster was– and don’t let anyone tell you it wasn’t one of the finest pop albums of new millenium– the title track of Lady Gaga’s forthcoming Born This Way LP was equally disappointing. I actively wondered in the middle of the “Vogue”-style “Don’t be a drag/ Just be a queen” break down if Gaga wasn’t jumping the shark in real time. “Judas” has a similarly inexplicable bridge and the religious content of the lyrics is kind of bizarre for someone who made their name doing badass love songs.


    Otherwise, though, “Judas” is a total leap forward, blasting through at least four different styles, from over-driven synth stomp to standard Gaga electro pop. The anticipated second single, which has a video that its director is already calling groundbreaking, leaked four days earlier, prompting Gaga to release the towering track to iTunes four days early. I’m still wary about Born This Way‘s attempts at social commentary, but at least “Judas” proves that I’ll still be able to dance to it. Listen to the new track here. Born This Way drops May 23. [Billboard]