“Judas” (Goldfrapp Remix) (Streaming)


    You can barely move for Lady Gaga news at present. To recap: the songs “Hair” and “Marry the Night” were both revealed yesterday, and it’s just been announced that Born This Way will be streaming online in full from tomorrow (May 16). Clearly Gaga’s people are worried about the record leaking unofficially, but while they’re mired in drastic preventative measures, it’s worth pointing out that someone on her team has got a decent ear for remixers of the singers’ work. Goldfrapp have produced this remix of “Judas,” which takes the original and slows it right down to a pulsing half-paced electro throb. Even Gaga’s vocals are pitched way down to a sluggish crawl—but it works surprisingly well, and makes for a more sober counterpart to the fizzy Eurotrash feel of the original version.