“Judas” And “Born This Way” (Live On Graham Norton) (Video)


    This is probably the way forward for web video—Lady Gaga appeared on Graham Norton’s show in the U.K. on Friday (May 13) and has subsequently done some kind of rights deal and is hosting the footage worldwide on her own YouTube channel. So it’s unlikely that our YouTube overlords will be yanking this performance from their site any time soon. Gaga performed a typically flamboyant version of “Judas” on the show, which actually gains a little more life here in comparison to the lackluster recorded version. She followed it with a similarly outré rendition of “Born This Way,” which ends with her cavorting in a fish tank filled with goo. The jury’s out on Born This Way so far—naturally, because no one’s heard it yet—but at least it looks like Gaga’s current live show is worth seeing.