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Jonathan Davis: Got Money (Lil Wayne Cover) (Video)

Hey, here’s a terrible idea: what would happen if a dried-up rap-rocker joined forces with a guy from Slipknot and recorded a Lil Wayne cover? Would the sound literally decimate your eardrum?


Well, it turns out that wasn’t just an awful idea: it’s a horribly real reality, as Jonathan Davis of Korn has covered “Got Money” by Lil Wayne apparently just for kicks. Slipknot’s Jim Root helps out in an undetermined way, and Davis’ side crew SFA presumably delivers the chooga-chooga abomination of a beat.


Listen at your own risk. Download at detriment to your cred. (Seriously, you can download this for free. I can’t imagine paying for it.) [Stereogum]   

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Jonathan Davis

I like this way way better than the original


Hands down, best Rock/hip hop cover ever. Cameo who?


I am a hands down KoRn fanatic but I'm not diggin this too well :(


stay true do u fukk wut da world saz itz eagles world im watchin u lyk a eagle watchess dem pussy ass snakezz

shorty e

OMG...this is the worst thing i've ever heard in my life...this makes the Lil Wayne version sound like a masterpiece. this truely is....just terrible....


This is great and I loved it. Not as good as the "Gin N Juice" or "Boyz in the Hood" covers but still really good!


This s--t is HOT! Damn this is a great cover!


man this is pretty dope, it wasn't meant to be taking to the heart, jon was jus having fun.


very nice...How much?




I love this. Lil Wayne is a douche bag. He thinks that he is God just like Kayne. *gags* I love rock music and I love Korn. Awesome!


This cover is 2X better than the original...+ he did it just for fun.. no one critisises you people for doing fun... get a brain!


i think jon just woke up one day and said" i think i'll ruin my reputtion today"


not nearly as good a weezy but still is a rad twist to the song


go jon u schooled it!!! well done mate,from an aussie


Nice... Jon kills Wayne's version, and it probably took him 4 hours...

Gotta love autotune...

Too Loud

I LOVE IT. this version is much better then lil waynes. jonathan davis is a god!!!!!!!!!!!!


This sh*t is f**king horrible...What the f**k is going on in this world when people actually like this garbage. I hope Jonathan Davis drowns in a puddle of sh*t and takes zack de la rocha with him..


this is the worst thing iv ever heard, jd should be shot for this . hes not hip hop and never will be so stay the f**k away from it.i must leave now to go puke after hearing this song. oh by the way f**k rage against the machine. and all you losers that think this is cool, go listen to some real music like suicidal tendencies.


I have never listened to lil wayne, but this song is pretty f-ing cool. Im guessin its better than the original cause jonathan davis is singin it. KORN F-ING RULES!!!!!!!!!!! Keep goin jon.


its not that good, yeah. much better than the original. on a different note, we now know the reason pandas won't mate in captivity...people saying jonathan davis is a dried up rocker.


this is cool as sh*t lil wayne made a good song of course but j.d. givin this a korn feel to it really set it off for me nicest thing i heard in a good while heard it on scratch and sniff tonite


I am in love with Jonathan Davis.
I cried when I met him.
I'd kill to be with him; however, I absolutely HATE Little Wayne. His music is terrible and he deserves to die.
Jonathan Davis' voice is amazing, but the bull sh!t lyrics he is saying are terrible.
I can't believe he'd cover such a retarded song.
I'm still in love with him, though.

Angel Dameon


JONATHAN DAVIS(not the korn

lil wayne is just another sad example of a talentless rapper makin' it big because - "he can make words rhyme by ebonically pronouncing them". rap & hip hop are a waste of of anyone's time who has an intellectual approach to choosing what GOOD music actually is. jon did lil wayne a favor by covering this piece of sh*t. (unfortunately, jon davis hurt his own image by pulling BULLSH*T material from an ever-so-horrible genre - RAP - to do a re-make of) long live music that takes a brain to create.

O frikkin P

Ok this is a great cover and i know some ppl that are pretty much dedicated to rap and hate all metal/rock and even they loved it. so who ever wrote this article saying it sucks is a complete idiot and who ever says this isnt a good cover is a DOUCHE!


I wonder if it's possible to unhear a song.


i liked better this way

fuqed 2life guys are mean.
I like this cover a whole whole lot.
It makes me happy.


I just wasted 2 min. and 45 sec. of my life...why 2:45 you ask? Because I ripped the cord out of the back of my comp. THIS SUCKS!


this is way better than the original. they make this song bad ass


I have never even heard the original. I've been an avid fan of Korn for roughly 4 years and I've never heard anything like this. I normally abhor rap with a passion, but damn. I think Jonathan makes rap sound a lot more like music to me. Keep on creating these crazy songs Jonathan. I love the song. I'm anxious to hear the solo project in progress.


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!!! I have NEVER heard J.D. sing bad. I love everything the man does!! Write more...rock on!!!


Obviously, you


Obviously you have a horrible sense music. This is way better than that piece of crap Lil Wayne did. What a dumb name for a guy even.


i think it is really good he went out on a limb with this and nailed it. keep up the remixes


I like both this and the original version. I like this more though. I'm suree it has to do with Jim root being like a god to me, but i liked it befoore i knew he was in it.


Your all a buch of idiots. first all of you die hard metal fans get real, the crap you listen to isnt any better then rap music. second if you people would listen to other types of music and give them half a chance you would see that there is real music out there that you can listen to without feeling the need to go rape and pillage after. this is a fun song and shows alot of talent on Johnathans part. for future reference think before you idiots go off on these songs.


this track is fabulous <3 a sarcastic twist to the original, much needed. gotta love JD


I like both the original and this cover of the song. I like this version of the song a little more then the original. And I am not just saying this because I am a fan of Jonathans.


Jonathan Davis helps create great and unique music and anyone who wants to listen to the "canned message"-like music (such as that created by Lil' Wayne) and say that it's better, is wrong. I would way rather listen to this cover than the original. Lil' Wayne plays it safe, I like more creativity than what he offers.


Now THIS is how Rap/Hip Hop should sound. I liked it, Jonathan's voice was perfect for this... And you gotta admit, this is WAY better than the way Puffy murdered Led Zeppelin's Kashmir!!!!!!!!!


lil'waynes version was a fail song from the beginning. at least this has a better feel than his. rap originated from rock as far as im concerned. at least JD kept the lyrics the same unlike Lil Jon taking Ozzy's "crazy train" beat and making money off it. this is free for everyone. which means he didn't do it for the money. he did it for the f*ck of it.. all haters need to grow up and stop having a one-track mind. I like rap and rock. rap gets annoying and if u listen to an older rap song, ppl look at u like "doesnt he know what year we're in?"

Rap gets old, rock becomes classic. 'nuff said

A New Guy

lol I like it... though I'm a sucker for metal covers of rap songs anyway.

And yeah, the fact that he did it for the heck of it makes it even better.

Joey of Blades

eh its ok.. they coulda taken the spittin out.. i love jd but hes white still.. the rest of the sound is brutal though..


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