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Jimi Hendrix: Sex Tape (Video - Trailer)

NSFW. Here's the trailer for the Jimi Hendrix trailer being released by Vivid Entertainment this week.
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Jimi Hendrix

I see a lawsuit on the horizon because that's not Jimi Hendrix. Plus the rock star f*cker and the rock star sucker ought to be ashamed of themselves because they both know that's not Jimi Hendrix. I never even met him and I can see it's not him. Those hoes are cashing and that's not right.


Good for Him! I wish I could...


This is a blatant rip-off. Just take a look at those eyebrows. C'mon!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pelicaine/xhead.gif pelicaine

Are they f'ing his corpse? Coz the guy looks DEAD.


I know for a fact, I knew jimi very well, that man in the
video is not jimi. I wish Al ( his Father) was still alive to see this sh__t. Shame on you!


FAO: Paris

You wish his father was alive to see his sons sex tape?

Yeh now we believe you knew Jimi very well.


I thought jimi was around 9 inches. That plaster cast cant be over 7.


I don't believe thats Jimi on the tape
First of all Jimi's lips are too big on the tape
The guy looks nothing like Jimi
May God rest his soul


Dude, this is the most hilarious joke ever...and it's even funnier that so many people are taking it seriously. BRILLIANT!

Have any of you stopped to think that this is an experiment in viral video ridiculousness? A joke by some people who wonder how many people will take it seriously enough to pass it around and---ahem---post it as a news item? Awesome.

Again...f*cking awesome.

Ha Ha

Jimi hendrix looks ugly as sh!t.... hes hot wtf?? the sluts are paid to say that. never seen anyone as ugly as that sick bastard


Give me a wig, some shoe polish, 2 naked broads and a hi-8 camera...


jimi is a god...i bet any of you would die to get laid every night and be that good on the guitar


this is stupid. anyone could have just used adobe after effects to make this video. this isnt jimi... notice how almost all the posters say that it looks like a dead version of him?? thats because whoever was hired to make the video just took a picture of his face where he looked satisfied or happy and put it in the video. its the same face over and over again, not moving. therefore its not an actual video of him. they just used a bunch of filters to match the color and the grain to make his face blend into the video of a couple girls sucking off a black dude. this is so fake its hard to imagine anyone would pay money to see it.


You gotta be kidding me thats not even close to being Jimi. The guys lips are angled up and down and jimi's were thinner and those eye brows hahaha gimme a break. Any Hendrix fan knows what faces he makes when hes strokin his ladies because he did it on stage all the time and this guy is not even comming close to those faces hahaha wow people run out of things to do. What next a Buddy Miles sex tape hahaha!


That's not him. Come on people.. a total rip off. this is all about cash

jim fan

This is so disrespectful til it ain't even funny!
Why disgrace a real legend of psychodelica,
bunch of heathenis losers!

Aries Storm

Full version of Hedrix sex tape on

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif maltisanti

It is not Jimi, a very stupid detail was the handkerchief on his head, man, who has sex with that in the head, oh yeah i forgot it, a FAKE Hendrix


i can only think of one word and its disrespect


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